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Premiere of the composition "Wolf Solo" for the choreography "The Three Little Pigs" by Armando Braswell at "Gauthier Dance - Out Of The Box II" at Theaterhaus Stuttgart.




Live-Engineering for J-Luv - "Acoustic Set" @ Beatclub Stuttgart.


November 2010


Recording Bass with the amazing musician Dennis Klauser for the production Jean Gold.


October 2010


Back to my DJ-roots: recording scratches for the LP "Bound to Samsara" by Teamkiller

@ Hard Drive Sounds - Studio, Stuttgart.




Premiere of the composition "Heartbeats" for the choreography "Showtime" by Eric Gauthier at Staatsballet Berlin.




Live-Engineering and -recording for Vantion Dantion - TimXtreme, Bozee & Band

@ Cafe Haag - Tübingen.


August 2010


Recording Dubplates: Dancehall-Legend PINCHERS (JA) @ Hard Drive Sounds - Studio, Stuttgart.



Premiere of the choreography "Likewise" by Armando Braswell for Luca Tanzprojekte at Theaterhaus Stuttgart.

Music: Moonlight Serenade, Remix by Philip Kannicht.


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Premiere of the dancepiece Poppea//Poppea by Christian Spuck at Theaterhaus Stuttgart.

I'm happy to work with Martin Donner, who made excellent music for this production!


March 2010


Recording Dubplates: TONY CURTIS (JA) @ Hard Drive Sounds - Studio, Stuttgart.

January 2010


Just finished recordings and production for "The Reggae Don LP".


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November 2009


Off for a tour with Gauthier Dance in Luxembourg at Grand Theatre de Luxembourg.


September 2009


Off for a tour with Gauthier Dance to Sofia, Bulgaria, at Sofia Dance Week - National Opera.


August 2009


Recording drums with the amazing musicians Timm Schreiner and Julian Alt for the production "Jean Gold".


July 2009


Technically supervising the diploma-exhibition of Lena Moskwa (HKT).


June 2009


Premiere of the composition "Pink 3.2" for the choeography "On My Side" by Armando Braswell at "Gauthier Dance - Out Of The Box" at Theaterhaus Stuttgart.




Premiere of the choreography "Push" by Armando Braswell at 13. Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival in Stuttgart.

Musik: Philip "Knncht-Prod." Kannicht, Aphex Twin, Social Distortion.


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November 2008


Recording Tracks for Elias MC


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May 2008


In spring 2008 my partner Roland Böffgen did a great mixing-job on the EP "Your Hammer To My Enemy" by An Early Cascade at our new studio.


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April 2008


In spring 2008 i did some mixing for the amazing EP "Born In The Land Of A Thousand Hills" by Mishoo The Drumkit at our new studio.


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January 2008


Working at Theaterhaus Stuttgart now, sound department.


October 2007


Exclusive Track: Lord Spy - We Takin Over


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May - August 2007


Off to Netherlands to visit Sound-Studios in Hilversum and Amsterdam.


March 2007


Recording for Chimi Churri - Quiero Quedar @ knncht-prod. - Studio, Stuttgart.




Live-Engineering for A-Scholars @ All City Jam - Reutlingen.




At the 20th of january 2006 this important piece of music was performed and recorded in Tübingen, Germany:

A-Scholars - live at Cafe Haag



No Problem EP (2003) Soundcloud / Youtube

Streettape 2002-2005 Free Download


All Songs written, performed and recorded by Azuka Onyeali, Wolfgang Onyeali, Philip Kannicht, Erkan Baran and Emanuel Konadu.